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Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council

Snowmobiles must stay on the road corridor; they are not allowed to proceed beyond the campground towards Glacier Basin. With the arrival of snow in late October, Mount Rainier’s beauty changes and so do its challenges. Visitors planning to travel to the park in winter should familiarize themselves with winter travel tips, road status, weather forecast, and be prepared for potential winter hazards.

If skiing isn’t quite your cup of tea, but you are still looking to explore the beautiful trails the Bayfield area has to offer at this time of year, snowshoeing is always a great adventure. Use caution if dogsledding south of Butterfield as some trails are designated snowmobiling trails. Please park diagonally in the lot to allow for other users to fit and not block trailheads. Washburn, WI – Effective immediately, Bayfield County Snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails are closed for the season. Quantity of passes will be limited due to capacity and will not be offered during holiday periods. Labyrinth , and Eagle Cliff ascent rock scrambles are closed for the season.

Meal and Spa guests may pay a per person $27 skate session fee that includes a skate rental directly at the Ice Skate or Ski Shops. Please note this is a per session fee at the Ice Skating Rink. This winter, immerse yourself in the great outdoors and hit the trails at Mohonk to experience the very best winter hikes in the Hudson Valley. Finally, consider Minnesota, one of the country’s fastest-warming states. Today, Minnesota is home to some of the country’s best spots for ice fishing and a big hub for outdoor ice hockey — sports that depend on sustained, subfreezing temperatures. Only slashing greenhouse gas pollution can safeguard those traditions for future generations.

Learn about winter hiking opportunities at Longmire in the Longmire Winter Trails brochure. But warmer winters come with serious costs — and those costs will rise as winters get even warmer in the decades to come. To many Americans, a mild winter may seem like a pleasant prospect. Higher temperatures can melt ice from roads, slash home heating costs, and make hats and scarves unneeded.

Winter Trails Pass gives access to trails only and does not include equipment rental or access to the Mountain House. Equipment rental will not be available to anyone with this pass. The weather stations that saw the biggest increases in average annual snowfall — Marquette, Michigan; Erie, Pennsylvania; and Youngstown, Ohio — all lie near the Great Lakes. At those locations, trends translate into increases in annual snowfall of 68, 33, and 30 inches, respectively. The dynamics that produce lake effect snow require open water and a contrast between air and water temperatures.

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